Magic for

Outdoor parties

30-50 minutes
Perfect for
  • festivals
  • concerts
  • picnics
  • outdoor shows

Within our outdoor offer, we propose a spectacular illusion stage show for the audience of all and any age. Our rich repertoire of effects and the flexible format make the show perfect for huge performance stages as well as middle and small ones.

The outdoor show by Tomasz is a great fun for adults and children. The illusionist quickly creates a bond with the audience by inviting them to join him in his journey into the world of magic and illusion. Amazing illusion effects are accompanied by dynamic music and the audience take active part in the process. This is, in fact, a particularly important element of this show; it is designed to involve the entire audience. Participation of specific individuals in making magic happen on the stage is always vividly and enthusiastically welcomed by the remaining part of the audience.

Years of experience based on hundreds of performances all around Poland, ability to cooperate with any technical staff supporting the event, flexibility of the offer and efficient adjustment to the schedule of any outdoor event – this is what makes Tomasz Jusza a reliable parter for any of your endeavours.

We are looking forward to hearing from any outdoor event organisers interested in cooperating with us!

Language of the performance: Polish or English.

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