We kindly invite you to take advantage of Tomasz’s expertise and experience in any special projects. Illusion effects may be successfully applied in theatre productions, films, music clips, TV commercials and other marketing campaigns. Wherever and wherever original ideas and surprising solutions are valued, illusion effects may be considered. Through cooperating with us, you may be able to develop and enrich your own ideas to make them really original and unforgettable.

Tomasz has gained his experience in this area by:

– providing consultancy for illusion effects, incl. in the area of the purchase of props and facilitating workshops with actors, for the purpose of “Arabella”, a theatre production directed by Paweł Eigner and staged on Wybrzeże Theatre in Gdańsk.

teaching actors playing in “Trudne Pytania” musical directed by Karol Świtalski a few tricks

– supporting property masters of the Musical Theatre in Gdynia in the process of purchasing specialised props for their theatre production

reviewing excerpts and translations of book about the art of illusion for PWN Publishing House

Any work with magic tricks is also an excellent way to spend time during workshops. Learning some secrets of illusionists is a lot of fun – it integrates all participants and it develops their creativity, irrespective of their age. Such activities are a great team-building opportunity and a motivator for the entire group.

We are looking forward to hearing from companies, event agencies, directors, setting managers, actors, advertising agencies and marketing specialists interested in illusion consulting or workshops.

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